AT Mobile Signal Repeater

AT Mobile Signal Repeater is the top choice for residential coverage and it Coiler’s unique offering for a rapid mobile coverage extension on the GSM/UMTS/LTE networks. AT Mobile Signal Repeater has been designed to help carriers solve coverage problems and enable high data transmission rates in a variety of smaller indoor environments such as offices and homes. These mobile signal repeaters allow for a convenient plug-and-play installation, while its additional antenna extension port makes the system flexible and simple to adapt to any environment.

AT Mobile Signal Repeater unit can be deployed even by the most non-technical user, making it perfect for operators seeking a smart and economic solution to satisfy their customer’s growing demands for high-quality indoor coverage and fast data transmission.

Specification highlights:

  • Gain (UL/DL): 65dB
  • Output power (UL/DL): +13dBm
  • Customizable frequency & bandwidth
  • Built-in service antenna and extension port
  • Complete network safety with AID, ASD, ATO and AGC
  • Gain attenuation buttons and LED display of RSSI level
  • Complete “ready to install” package

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