Sample Gas Coolers

Bühler Technologies Gas Pre Cooler TS10 is equipped with a cooling block in which heat exchangers are inserted. These heat exchangers are available in materials like stainless steel, duran glass or PVDF, with one or two individual gas paths. The temperature of the cooling block is regulated by the Bühler constant control system providing a very stable dew point even under varying ambient conditions. The Gas Pre Cooler TS10 is maintenance free.

While, the coolers product range includes from hazardous areas (Atex Zone 1 and 2) and water cooled heat exchangers. For condensate removal either peristaltic pumps or automatic condensate drains are available. High energy efficiency is a major concern, modern calculation methods and system design is an inevitable priority at Bühler Technologies.  

The Gas Pre Cooler TS10 is

  • A pre cooler for samples with high load of humidity upstream of the main cooler
  • It requires low maintenance
  • It is very easy to install
  • Gas Pre Cooler TS10 has a Integrated condensate pump

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