Gas Sample Probes

Bühler’s sample Gas Probes are the best solutions if cost effective installation and low operational cost are a concern. Quality, reliability and low operation cost have been the main targets for the development of Gas Probes programme and the outstanding result is that the modular design allows application specific combinations in a very price effective manner. 

The GAS 222 series of Gas Probes provides "down to earth" solutions based on advanced modular designs. Depending on the application, a variety of heated or unheated base units can be combined with in-situ or downstream filters. The filter material can be chosen from sintered ceramic to sintered stainless steel or even pleated stainless steel. Filters with large surfaces provide long life time. For the in-situ filters a highly efficient blowback system is available at reasonable cost.

The Gas Probes ECO series covers a broad range of applications with high dust loads but do not require heating. The directly attached blowback devices plus a variety of filter elements with large surface areas are the features of these probes. While, the Gas Probes APO series provides professional material for simple applications. Sample Gas Probes with DIN Flange and with ANSI Flange at a wide range of combinations are also available.

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