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Peristaltic condensate pumps CPsingle, CPdouble X1

Peristaltic condensate pumps CPsingle, CPdouble X1


  • Housing version


  • Pumps available with single or double head


  • Separate installation possible


  • Easy to replace hoses


  • Various hose materials available for demanding applications


  • 115/230 V AC


  • Reliable

Condensate accumulates during gas conditioning. It always builds up when cooling moist sample gas. On one hand this may occur inadvertently if cold spots occur in the sample gas lines. On the other hand the deposit of moisture is necessary to protect the measuring cells in the analyser from damage and/or stabilise measurements.

Since the sample gas is often conveyed through the analysis system with suction, the condensate must be pumped off to remove it. So-called peristaltic pumps are particularly suited for this purpose. They systemically protect the sample gas system from external air and based on the hose material used offer high resistance against the often times highly corrosive condensate. Many applications require equipment which can be used in explosive areas. This is where the CPsingle and CPdouble are solutions for Zone 2 or Cl.1/Div.2 The CPsingle and CPdouble pump series were developed specifically for these severe operating conditions.

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