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One-sided UV dryer

One-sided UV dryer

One-sided UV dryer

Areas of application:

For drying and polymerisation of UV-curing screen printing inks and UV adhesives, printed circuit boards, laminated material, plastics, paper, glass, metals and other printing materials in a continuous process.

Devices of the BE type are supplied with working widths from 7 to 260 cm. The lamp output ranges from 80 to 120 W/cm and the devices can be equipped with 1 to 3 UV lamps.


Steel construction in a space-saving compact design, with maintenance-free, infinitely variable belt drive from 0.5-12 m/min (other ranges possible), electronically controlled cooling system, simple and quick lamp replacement, lamp housing made of aluminum with UV lamps each with 120 W/cm lamp power, Stepless adjustment of the lamps in the range of 30-100% for optimal UV dosage, special faceted reflectors for optimal focussing of the UV rays, easy to service and maintain, exhaust fan with connection for exhaust pipe, additional air cooling between the lamps for temperature-critical applications. Compact control with LCD screen, display of various operating parameters such as UV target value, operating hours, lamp voltage.

The controller also monitors: lamp ignition, lamp fuses, run-on time, excess temperature, exhaust air, frequency converter. At the customer's request, the UV dryers can be equipped with: selective filters and quartz glass panes to reduce the temperature on the product, as well as a PLC computer control.

Special versions of UV dryers with 6-8 lamps have been implemented several times.

Beltron UV dryers have many decisive advantages for you and your production, use our quality advantages: + More than 55 years of quality "Made in Germany"

+ Innovative UV technology

+ Full, uniform UV cure

+ Very short curing times

+ Sustainable energy saving systems

+ Further processing possible immediately

+ Highly scratch-resistant and glossy

+ Durable & increased chemical resistance

The high-performance single-sided UV dryersfrom BELTRON in detail:

+ cooling system 

+ conveyor belt

+ PLC control (optional)

+ Compact control (standard)

The one-sided UV dryersfrom BELTRON are used successfullyin:

+ Printing industry

+ electronics industry

+ plastics industry

+ construction industry

+ textile industry

+ packaging industry

+ pharmaceutical industry

+ automotive industry

+ glass industry

+ mechanical engineering

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