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Double sided UV dryer

Double sided UV dryer

Double sided UV dryer

Areas of application:

UV curing ofphotoimageable solder masks on printed circuit boards and flex circuits.


The developed solder resist mask is UV post-cured in addition to the final thermal curing. This improves the final properties of the solder resist masks, e.g. the resistance to methylene chloride, in the nickel/gold bath, during hot tinning, and the electrical surface properties. The exposure times can be reduced to a minimum.

Beltron UV dryers have many decisive advantages for you and your production, use our quality advantages: + More than 55 years of quality "Made in Germany"

+ Innovative UV technology

+ Full, uniform UV cure

+ Very short curing times

+ Sustainable energy saving systems

+ Further processing possible immediately

+ Highly scratch-resistant and glossy

+ Durable & increased chemical resistance

The high-performance double-sided UV dryersfrom BELTRON in detail:

+ cooling system

+ conveyor belt

+ PLC control (optional)

+ Compact control (standard)

The double-sided UV dryersfrom BELTRON are used successfullyin:

+ electronics industry

+ plastics industry

+ pharmaceutical industry

+ automotive industry

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