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Aetina Corporation

NVIDIA Tegra GPGPU & Solutions

Our company provides NVIDIA Tegra GPGPU & Solutions using leading NVIDIA® Tegra® SoCs and Jetson™ SoMs that offer high-performance, low-power consumption for deep learning and visual computing.

Controlling the GPGPU for industrial control systems helps you to exploit the power of NVIDIA's GPU CUDA cores. They help to develop and deploy the edge compute-intensive devices for automous robotics, computer vision, drones, IVA and mobile medical. We built ready-to-ship Tegra solutions including COM Express® compact Type 6 module and functionality carriers and developer kits to speed up product development time and keep customer’s time to focus on their own domain know-how.

We also provide the OS customized system software integration service and further ODM/JDM to fulfil the demand. This service is helpful to back up the customization and flexibility demands of versatile applications.

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