Valvole Hofmann by Bonino Engineering S.r.l

Valvole Hofmann by Bonino Engineering S.r.l

Valves Hofmann by Bonino Engineering srl

Muzzano, 31 - 13897

Occhieppo Inferiore,

Biella (BI) Italy.

AboutValvole Hofmann by Bonino Engineering S.r.l

Hofmann valves by Bonino Engineering

Valves Hofmann by Bonino Engineering was founded in 1989 in Biella (Italy) with the aim of designing and manufacturing industrial valves for fluids and pneumatic components.

The mission of valves Hofmann is to respond, with reliable and quality solutions to all the needs of fluid control in industrial processes .

Hofmann valves have multiple fields of application : textiles, food, plumbing, engineering, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, energy, environmental ...

The flagship products are:

  • On-off valves (pneumatic and manual shut -off valves )
  • Control valves (regulation and modulating valves) pneumatic or electric and pressure reducing.

The many years of experience in the metalworking sector, acquired over four generations by the Bonino family , the expertise of the technical staff and the company flexibility allow us to directly manage the entire production cycle, from design to the creation of customized solutions to offer the right product for every type of fluid .

40% of turnover is generated by sales abroad  (50% in non-EU markets and 50% in the EU), the foreign sales network is developed in collaboration with local distributors.

Thanks to the photovoltaic plant operational since 2012, our production lines use clean energy and Hofmann products are low environmental impact .

Valves Hofmann has obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification  for the design and production of valves for the industrial sector.

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