Valland spa

Valland spa

Via Roccoli 252, 23010 Piantedo (SO), Italy

AboutValland spa

Here at Valland we are committed to the design and manufacture of high quality and tailor-made Ball, Gate and Check Valves. Our main market is the Oil & Gas exploration and production sectors, including subsea and transmission, and other special service industrial application.

Our Company was established in 2006 by people that have been working in the valve business since more than 30 years and have engineered valves which represent the most updated solutions for the severe offshore environment and subsea application.

Nowadays Valland is best known for its focus on the clients' needs, achieving outstanding performances by our continuous improvement and technical skills. Our primary goal is providing our customers with the best products equipped with cutting edge solutions and - of course - on time delivery!

During the last 10 years we have worked to establish a strong network of partners and local vendors that allows us to manage every step of the purchasing and manufacturing process.

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