Av. Sen. Vitorino Freire, 470 - Jardim Melo, Diadema - SP, 04421-000, Brazil


Founded in 2000 with the objective of serving companies that are increasingly demanding and in need of obtaining the improvement in the quality of their products, demanded by their consumers, the Company Vision Machines, begins its activities developing IT solutions.

With the experience of its new partners and the need for a new company concept in the area of ​​vision systems, automatic inspection and industrial automation, TESLA Sistemas de Visão was born in 2006.

In the same year, it begins to serve companies in the automotive area, offering up-grade machines and vision system equipment, standing out among the clients served, the companies Mecaplast and Eaton (Unit Valinhos).

In 2007, it started a relationship with CBC (Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos) providing customized equipment for metrology of ammunition cartridges, a partnership that is maintained until the present day.

In 2007, Tesla began to develop quality control systems for the plastics and packaging industry, serving companies such as Plastek and Garboni.

In 2008, it expands its area of ​​operation and also begins to invest in the area of ​​process automation, and with that, it starts to create and develop machines and equipment to meet the productive needs of the companies Tecfil and Bosal do Brasil.

Due to the quality of service provided to the company Tecfil, TESLA received in 2009, the award for outstanding machinery supply, from the “Project Supplier Tecfil/Sofape 2009”.

Focusing on an increase in production capacity, in 2010, it moves to a location with bigger and better facilities and, with that, improves its efficiency in the production of equipment.

With the knowledge acquired in the development and construction of equipment, in 2012 it started to serve companies that need consulting and implementation in the area of ​​occupational safety, developing adaptations in equipment according to the NR.12 regulation.