Special Optics.

Special Optics.

3 Stewart Court Denville, New Jersey 07834 USA

AboutSpecial Optics.

Special Optics, a Navitar company, designs, develops and manufactures precision optical components from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Denville, New Jersey. Since our beginning in 1965 we have developed and refined a wide range of optical fabrication and opto-mechanical assembly capabilities. As a result, we have evolved into a unique company, offering standard catalog optics along with custom designs, while continuing to focus on responding to customer needs.

Optics for UV, VIS, IR and CO2 Applications

  • Best Form Lenses -- Fused Silica and CaF2

  • Custom Microscope Objectives for Life Science and Physical Science Research

  • Beam Expanders -- Motorized, Variable and Fixed for Low and High Power Applications

  • Scan Lenses -- F-Theta and Telecentric

  • Confocal Microscopy Lenses -- Apochromatic

  • Multi-Element Objectives -- Single line, Achromatic and Apochromatic, UV High NA

  • Laser Diode Collimators

  • Polarization Optics -- Zero, Multiple Order, Achromatic

  • Soleil Babinet Compensators

  • Risley Prisms

  • In-Line Beam Steerer

  • AR Coatings

  • Optical Designs

  • Mechanicals for Specific OEM or Optical Bench Requirements

What We Do

We design, manufacture and assemble high-quality, diffraction-limited optical systems. We provide tight coordination between design, manufacturing tolerances and requirements, thereby assuring the final system performance matches the initial design goals. In addition to our catalog product lines, we work with customers to develop new custom systems to meet their specific needs.