SIP Strojna Industrija d.d

SIP Strojna Industrija d.d

Juhartova ulica 2, 3311 Šempeter v Sav. Valley

AboutSIP Strojna Industrija d.d


SIP is a Slovenian manufacturer of agricultural machinery with more than 65 years of tradition.

We are experts for mowers, tedders, rakes and pick-up rakes technologies with a vision of becoming a leading specialist for mowing and grassland harvesting systems.

Our robust products are designed for three farming segments: lightweight solutions for specialized alpine and mountaineer farmers, robust line for medium-sized farms and contractors, and heavy-duty systems for large-scale farming projects.

Our sales network spreads in more than 45 countries worldwide, with our top 5 export markets France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

We develop superior machines

We produce quality machines for mowing and hay harvesting, to satisfy the most demanding users. Machines are easy to use and designed to minimize work time, with a unique, durable construction.

SIP machinery stands out because of its simplicity of use and unique robust construction, which offers excellent durability.

 We build machines based on more than 65 years of accumulated knowhow.

By choosing SIP machines you opt for a robust and simple-to-use solution, which is appropriate for both flatlands and mountainous terrain.

With the aim of developing the most reliable and durable machines, we contacted our end users and let them test our machines in all kinds of terrain. With the feedback from our clients we were able to implement this knowledge by producing new and simple-to-use solutions.

The result is a range of excellent machines...

Renowned for their reliability and adaptability to all kinds of terrain, from wide open fields to mountainous terrain.

We only use components and parts from the most recognised manufacturers because we insist that the most crucial components must work perfectly.

We have a fast response time and are open to all kinds of suggestions. We provide you with spare parts or fix the problem in the shortest possible time, avoiding impeding your work.