SIMA S.r.l

SIMA S.r.l

Via C. Colombo 18 – 41013 Castelfranco E. (MO) Italy

AboutSIMA S.r.l


SIMA was founded in 1947 by two young men grown and trained in the Irish textile area: Alberto Mazzoni and Gino Serra.

In its beginning SIMA manufactured ancillary machines for spinning and twisting such as winders and other finishing machines like balling machines and small twisters.

Later on, SIMA specialized themselves in the manufacturing of machinery for ropes and twisted yarns, becoming a leader in this field, strengthening SIMA presence all over the world.

Thousands SIMA machines are running in every continent, from North and South America, to Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.



With more than 60 years experience the twisters range includes two for one and four for one twisters and accumulator, to be used in line with the extrusion plant and rope layers from 2 up to 60 mm diameter ropes.

From 1.000 up to around 500.000 deniers, these series of twisters are designed in accordance with the most rigid standard, for the production of twisted yarns, twines, cable filler, using natural and/or synthetic fibers.

SIMA rope layer machines can produce rope with 3 or 4 strands starting from minimum of 2 mm up to 60 mm diameter.

The take up can be either internal or external, with the advantage of producing rope with an unlimited length.

Designed for achieving a high productivity, together with limited maintenance work.

The last generation of SIMA twisters & rope layers have been developed with special focus on energy saving, of course keeping the same standard top quality level which continues to be a peculiar feature of SIMA machinery.


The extrusion division includes a wide variety of equipment for the transformation of LLDPE, PE, PP, PA and PET polymers among which extrusion lines for PP and PET straps, composite strap and for twine, cable filler, monofilaments as well as artificial grass.

All SIMA lines are conceived to offer to customers the optimum combination of quality and flexibility, based on more than half century long experience.

The Extrusion Lines are designed to ensure the smallest investments compared with their high productivity, to cover the requirements of many markets sectors, maintaining at the same time a high level of reliability and efficiency, of course assuring the top quality of the final products obtained.


For a long time SIMA has been and still is a multi-national Company and during the last years such attitude has more and more increased with the opening of various seats all over the world that are not only commercial offices, but structures that interact with their own reference markets.

Since its foundation, SIMA objective has always been “SIMA customers”, both as regards the satisfaction of their needs as well as opinion sharing to develop their production strategies, and , last but not the least,  the supply of instruments  for their development and for gaining the leadership in the market.

Our only objective is the excellence, both in the realization of our products  and  in the ability to supply our customers with a working system and a “know how”, which have been a distiguishing sign and a mark of SIMA all over the world.

Our target is ambitious, but this is the mainspring that pushes us every day to surpass ourselves.