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Techno Strap

Techno Strap

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SIMA brand TECHNO STRAP extrusion line is nowadays the best solution for plastic strapping tape producers. The key of SIMA TECHNO STRAP success is based on reliability of the extrusion process guarantying the highest efficiency level in term of production capacity and quality of the final product, both for PP and PET strap.

TECHNO STRAP extrusion range means several models lines, each one with own design, with smallest capacity from 1.400Tons/year up to more than 8.000Tons/year of SUPERSTRAP technology.

All lines capable to produce all the strap sizes requested by the market from 4mm up to 32mm respecting the most restricted standard of quality for dimensions, weight, braking load, elongation.

SIMA continuous innovation is driven by internal research on top performances solution due to know how on final product and methodologies to treat it and cooperation with the main players in plastic industries for plastic materials/additives improvement and new technologies available like filtering, recycling and V grade enhancement.

SIMA PP/PET TECHNO STRAP extrusion line is designed, assembled and tested in house from our engineer team to meet customer expectation and trust.

SIMA extrusion, spinning, stretching and winding devices/process is suitable for both PP and PET (100% bottle flakes) plastic strap each type with dedicated parameters and accessories set to suit best performance both in automatic and manual strapping packaging machine.

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