Schold Manufacturing

Schold Manufacturing

7201 W 64th Pl Chicago, IL 60638

AboutSchold Manufacturing


In 1949, Schold was founded in Chicago by George Schold, who had a vision to provide high-quality dispersion equipment for customers around the world – a vision that was realized.

 Since that time, Schold has manufactured 15,000 machines, served 1,700 customers and supported 80 different industries, all while remaining a client-centric solutions provider.

 Under the new ownership of Chris Spatz, John Duong and Mike Barr since 2016, Schold has been able to blend old-school wisdom with new technology to create a promising future for employees and customers alike.


At Schold, we guarantee and ensure all products leaving our factory floor meet top industry standards. From our door to yours, we promise only the best quality equipment for your investment.


We are centrally located in Chicago, Illinois and able to visit your site for service. Give our team a call or send us a note, and we’ll be there to help, no matter how large or small the inquiry.


At Schold, we value progress made through the transfer of ideas. We believe in collaboration with our internal team and customers to create the most thoughtful solutions possible.


Our engineers are always considering new and improved designs for our machinery. We aim to offer a cutting-edge variety of equipment offerings as well as modern, custom system solutions.