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Midwest Engineered Systems Inc.

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AboutMidwest Engineered Systems Inc.

Midwest Engineered Systems has been developing automation systems for over 30 years for a number of industries and production processes. This diversity of experience provides MWES with the ability to arrive at unique process solutions that translate to greater throughput and quality without sacrificing uptime and dependability. While our knowledge and experience may be broad, our success comes from singularly focusing on our customer’s goals and requirements.

Our approach to automation process development is to first evaluate the firm’s current production operation and understand the company’s process needs. MWES further evaluates the manufacturing system’s speed, quality, and other process metrics. While the former comes from discussions with the customer and a detailed analysis of the request for quote (RFQ), the latter usually starts with an on-site visit with our automation engineers to understand, in-person, how the current process works at the floor level, as well as a detailed collection of information and materials.

As a true partner in the automation process, we work with our customers to establish attainable requirements, goals, and risk thresholds for a potential automation system. Midwest Engineered Systems then takes these specifications and develops a new prototype production automation process to address them. Our engineers’ work does develop innovative solutions that preference the automation industry’s best products and when an appropriate system is unavailable, engineer custom automation machinery in-house to solve challenges.

Typically, 2-3 options are developed by our engineering team for the project. These are presented to the customer for evaluation. Simulations of the system’s performance can be built to provide highly accurate estimations of its potential performance. While it is our preference to rely on proven operations and hardware, newer processes can be tested and analyzed using our proof of principle process to determine if the operations meet the necessary requirements such as up-time, throughput rates, quality, and process capability requirement.

After arriving at a consensus with the customer, Midwest Engineered Systems moves toward the development of a turnkey production line that both MWES and the customer feels confident in its operation and performance. Then a formal fixed bid is submitted to the customer that breaks down the project cost and a detailed overview of materials used, project timelines and agreed upon machine performance. Then it is up to the customer to accept the bid and MWES moves to build the automation system.

Process Development Can Improve Manufacturing By:

  • Reducing product cost
  • Reducing equipment cost
  • Improving process quality
  • Increasing process speeds and consistency
  • Improving overall equipment performance