LI.BE S.p.A.

LI.BE S.p.A.

S.S. 10, 46, 27040 Loc. Fabbrica, Arena Po PV, Italy

AboutLI.BE S.p.A.

Founded in 1984, LI-BE produces special bearings, by dimension and executions, for different industrial applications.

The range of production includes bearings, rollers and complementary articles (slides and plates) used in the sector of internal goods handling, metallurgical machinery, painting machinery, power transmission unit, rotating tables for tool machines, etc.

LI-BE has always been synonymous with special bearings and is the holder of some international patents. For this reason the company uses a team of experts who are capable of providing solutions and projects which are suited to customers’ specific requirements.

Thanks to FEA and to the use of internal software we can have a more clear idea of the consequences of the loads on the bearings. A knowledge that, until a few years ago, was belonging to the most reknown manufacturers only.

Notwithstanding its hard-won position as market leader and aware of the rugged competition existing in its industry, LI-BE has never taken its attention off the niche market which are open to those companies that take flexibility, readiness, experience and reliability their strong points, as Libe does. Our know-how, the high quality of our products and the will to stand out in a more and more demanding industrial environment, make Libe the right partner for those who aim at high technological solutions