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Kinematic Automation

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AboutKinematic Automation

Since 1980, Kinematic has been a worldwide leader partnering with manufacturers wanting to automate their production processes. No matter your diagnostic device composite, shape or purpose, we provide the absolute best end-to-end automation solutions to increase your manufacturing productivity while lowering your manufacturing costs.

In the area of lateral flow Immunoassay test strip manufacturing, Kinematic is the unparalleled leader and innovator helping a multitude of companies achieve substantial growth and prosperity. We also work with clients in agriculture, water, food, automotive & industrial coolant, chemical analysis, and more to dramatically improve their productivity and profitability through automated manufacturing of their test strips. 

We partner with manufacturers ranging from some of the largest companies in the world, all the way down to start-ups. We provide them all with the same commitment to excellence. Our deeply held commitments to the entrepreneurial spirit, client relationships, and conscientious management of resources, drive our prosperous partnerships with our clients. We work side by side with you to creatively and insightfully solve your challenging issues when moving to or improving automated manufacturing.

Your staff, working with our staff, can find the correct solution for your manufacturing needs. From very large machines on your production floor, to benchtop machines for more modest production numbers and product/production prototyping, our automated process solutions provide you with dramatically increased manufacturing productivity & consistency, quality control, reliability and profitability. 

Our broad experience and expertise makes us the right choice for success. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can partner to automate your product manufacturing to increase your bottom line. It is a conversation very worth having.