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AboutILFA GmbH

If the founding myths of American technology companies have a preference for garage locations, in the case of our family company, the birth of the first printed circuit board (PCB) was in the cellar of a discotheque - right next to an ice-cream machine.To save costs for a new sound system in his dance club, Manfred Völker, the founder of our firm, enrolled the help of a few electronic students, whose bills from excessive celebrations were unpaid, to construct music boxes. To avoid the detailed wiring of box switch components, they showed him how to make simple printed circuit boards with hand-glued layout sheets, a hand-held drill and etching tubs to make simple circuit boards.Greatly interested in this technology and tired of work in catering, Manfred Völkerrecognised the commercial prospects of PCB’s. Therefore, in 1977 he founded Precoplat Precision-Circuit Board Technology in Krefeld, which is near Dusseldorf, the capital of North Rhine Westphalia.Since then, the love for our product and the quality and reliability of our printed circuit boards have been the decisive factors in developing a company over the past 40 years which is one of the most consistently successful printed circuit board manufacturers in Germany.In the meantime our production range includes single and double-sided PCB’s, multilayer boards up to 24 layers, and semi-flexible printed circuit boards, all of which are manufactured in our expanded 25,000 qm² plant in Krefeld. The entire manufacturing process takes place under one roof, from job preparation to final electrical tests (E-test). In our opinion we can only guarantee quality and reliability of the quite literally “electronically connective” carrier technology, namely the printed circuit board, if we produce it in its entirety ourselves.

Service and Quality

This is how we work

We place great importance on monitored production and good service. In the final analysis, our printed circuit boards must provide a reliable basis for your electronic assembly groups in all areas of application.

To ensure our quality standards are met we work across departments, networking efficiently with each other.  This begins from the moment your layout details are sent. Our well-trained sales and distribution team supports you from the word go. After receipt of your order, your specifications are immediately checked in terms of production possibility by our AV/CAM department. At this point our experts contact you without delay, should we see any improvement potential regarding production costs and layout design.

Regardless of whether it is a single-sided sample PCB or a substantial 24-layer PCB series, all layouts are checked thoroughly and responsibly. Only after the function of your design is judged free of faults do our work preparation experts create the respective CAM production data – and, on request, show it to you.

Our environment

We care about the environment. In addition to mechanical processing steps, printed circuit board production includes many varied chemical and photo-technical processes in which more or less dangerous substances are unavoidable. These compounds are employed with the utmost care, and we constantly endeavour to reduce their use to a minimum. We exclusively use recyclable materials. We strictly adhere to all national and international regulations in both PCB production and competent disposal of solid and liquid materials in order to protect our environment.