HOERBIGER Flow Control GmbH

HOERBIGER Flow Control GmbH

Sudliche Romerstra├če 15, DE 86972 Altenstadt

AboutHOERBIGER Flow Control GmbH


  • Successful since 1895
  • Foundation as the majority shareholder
  • 1.130 billion euros in sales in 2020
  • Over 5,849 employees worldwide
  • 123 locations in over 40 countries

HOERBIGER is active throughout the world in the oil, gas, and process industries, in the automotive industry, and in safety solutions. In 2020, its 5,849 employees achieved sales of 1.130 billion euros in 123 locations and 40 countries. Our products and services are used in reciprocating compressors, gas flow control units, vehicle transmissions, gas-powered engines, automobile hydraulics, and comprehensive explosion protection solutions. It is our shared ambition to deliver excellence for our customers. As a result, we create an environment which allows our employees to develop their full potential and demonstrate initiative: people and success go hand in hand at HOERBIGER.


"Vision: We set Standards"


The HOERBIGER brand is synonymous with products and services featuring outstanding unique selling propositions around the world. The success of all Strategic Business Units is based on continuous innovation and performance-defining components offering high benefits for the customer.

Since 1895, HOERBIGER has repeatedly set standards with innovations for attractive technological niche markets — from the Hörbiger steel plate valve, to many other developments in Compression Technology and synchronizers in Drive Technology.

It is from these successes that the HOERBIGER Group derived its vision:

We set standards.

"Mission: Excellence"


In our mission statement we express how we model the continued development of our company based on performance-defining components.

This mission is centered around the terms “Excellence” and “Growth”. The Mission Excellence & Growth follows the EXCELLENCE & Focus initiative, which since 2010 supported the alignment of the Group with strategically sustainable business segments that met our stability criteria.

“Excellence” means continuously delivering top performance in research and development, in terms of the functionality and reliability of products, in quality and dependability of services, the development and implementation of new product ideas and business models, in instilling enthusiasm among our employees and providing them with leadership.

In the last years, we achieved our targets, strategically, operationally and also with respect to our profitability by aligning the Group with strategically sustainable business segments. Now we are determined to set the course for stronger growth. This is what “Growth” is standing for.