Grupo Vika Controls

Grupo Vika Controls

Rua Dona Germaine Burchard, 443 – Perdizes São Paulo – Brazil – CEP: 05002-062

AboutGrupo Vika Controls

The history of our brand, our mission, vision and values.

Vika aims to establish a relationship of trust with its customers, essential for their loyalty.

That's why we have a solid brand that transmits strength and dynamism at the same time, where the fittings represent the united family and the adaptation to the needs of each client. All communication ends up transmitting these values.

Our brand was inspired by art and simple shapes:

In Lego bricks and children's games of fittings, screws and nuts. In the Fibonacci golden ratio. In the paintings by Mondrian, but also by Waldemar Cordeiro and Volpi, representing Brazil, as well as light touches of yellow and green colors and the grooves of palm and banana leaves, slightly recalled diagonally.

Vika Controls , a company founded in 2000, was born with the proposal to operate in the instrumentation , industrial process control and connectivity market by providing high quality equipment and solutions with advanced technology, combined through an extensive line of products and partnership with world-renowned companies.

Another achievement made in 2013, with the move to our new headquarters located in the neighborhood of Perdizes, west of São Paulo, in a physical space of approximately 350m², made our company believe and trust more and more in a promising and sustainable future.

In 2020, Vika Controls completes 20 years of existence, a very important milestone in our trajectory.


The Mission represents the raison d'être, what to do, how to travel the path to achieve the company's vision.

Our mission is to develop and commercialize solutions for connectivity and control of industrial and analytical processes, which meet the expectations of our customers in pursuit of their goals and maximizing results.


The Vision represents the objective ahead, the guiding star of the company. It is an objective, a challenging, ambitious and at the same time achievable goal. The Vision is the challenge that aligns the entire company, pointing the way forward.

Our vision is to be recognized as a company committed to the development of the market at a national level, with efficient and collaborative action between Customers, Partners and Employees.


The Values ​​are the ethical principles that should guide the posture and attitude of the company and its employees on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, they must generate identification with employees, creating the appropriate corporate culture to achieve the company's vision and business goals.