Via Lago di Molveno, 20 - 36015 Schio (VI) - Italy


The EL.CO. company opened its doors for business in 1986 developing its own static relays with various power ratings, linear power supply units and switching gear, interfaces as well as analogue and digital temperature controllers. All company products are CE certified and the static relays have also acquired the vde and the UL/CSA marks.

Along with the previously described sector, the EL.CO company also installs and tests printed circuit boards on third parties' account, and designs and builds electric boards applied to operating machine automation using plc units and computerised programming.

The company has adequate productive equipment acquired to keep pace with the development in the sector and has devices suitable for designing and developing electric and electronic schemes. Thanks to its years of experience, the EL.CO customer portfolio has leading accounts and the company is actively involved in both the national and foreign markets thanks to the services of various agents, representatives and importers.