Address: Via 23 April,

35 / a - 46029 SUZZARA (MN)


AboutBondioli - Pavesi S.p.A

Bondioli & Pavesi was born in Suzzara in 1950 and in a few years conquers a leading position in the cardan transmission market. The first Italian company in the agricultural machinery sector to offer a complete transmission system, the company is constantly expanding its range of products and services, developing and organizing itself according to the logic of a large industrial group with various specialized production units. 

Starting from 1967 Bondioli & Pavesi began to establish its own sales network on the main world markets through the establishment of Commercial Companies able to guarantee, together with a capillary network of hundreds of dealers and thousands of dealers, commercial support, technical assistance and availability of complete components and original spare parts all over the world. 

Today Bondioli & Pavesi operates in more than 80 countries exporting over 80% of its turnover (37% extra EU). The success of this continuous growth is to be attributed to a great attention to the needs of the client who has been able to translate concretely into a constant research and investment policy, in a continuous attention to the production processes and the availability to the development of ideas and projects, largely made in collaboration with the same machine builders.