Bidones Graells e Hijos, SA

Bidones Graells e Hijos, SA

Trade Street, 2 P. Industrial Can Sunyer Sant Andreu de la Barca 08740 Barcelona Spain

AboutBidones Graells e Hijos, SA

The experience which we have as manufacturer of metallic packagings, endorses us as referent on the market of industry of requirement maximal.

At Bidones Graells we do everything to satisfy the requests and to offer solutions adapted to our customers by developing customized products, under a rigorous quality control.

We are suppliers of the main company in the sector of the chemical, pharmaceutical industries, the food, the lubricants, the aggregates, the metal industry, nuclear power, phytosanitary, agrarian, the safety, the essential oil and the fragrances.

Over the years, we built the perfect tandem: the experience of five accumulated generations, with a dynamic spirit which renews constantly the company. All these years in the industry, are the fruit of our commitment to be flexible and adapt to the market.