Apator Control Sp. z o. o

Apator Control Sp. z o. o

Polna 148, 87-100 Toruń, Poland

AboutApator Control Sp. z o. o

Apator Control is part of the Apator capital group . Specializes in the design and production of automation systems , distribution and control systems and their implementation in industry, as well as in the power supply and distribution of energy . The company is the successor of Apator's several decades of tradition, guaranteeing the highest quality and professional service to its clients.

The main areas of the company's activity are:

  • Power and energy distribution engineering

  • Drive and control engineering

  • Modules and components

  • Knowledge and support

In each of these areas a specialized engineering staff is employed, which on a daily basis shares its experience and knowledge to improve the efficiency of production processes and ensure safety in the distribution and control systems. The company offers full warranty and post-warranty service for all products .

Investment projects are implemented in the EPC formula (engineering, procurement, construction), so-called "Turnkey execution". The company offers comprehensive implementation starting from pre-design analysis and project preparation, through production, focusing on finding a tailored solution to customer needs, up to assembly, commissioning and optimization of prepared solutions - applications, control cabinets and switchgears.

Apator Control is a company with Polish capital, occupying an important position in the national electrotechnical and electronic industry. The company's headquarters is located in Toruń. In addition, the company also has a branch in Katowice.

Connection plan

The Management Board of Apator Control spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Toruń, acting pursuant to art. 500 §2 1 of the Code of Commercial Companies hereby publishes free of charge the merger plan agreed on September 27, 2018 between the Boards of Apator Elkomtech SA as the Acquiring Company and Apator Control Sp. z oo as the Acquired Company.