Alloy Valves and Control (AVCO)

Alloy Valves and Control (AVCO)

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AboutAlloy Valves and Control (AVCO)

Company Profile:

Alloy Valves and Control, Inc. (AVCO) is a global leader in innovative engineered valves and instrumentation devices for all types of fluid flow conditions in the process piping market. We supply standard and custom products with full control over our design and manufacturing processes. Valve components are interchangeable to allow users to easily substitute ends, balls, seats or operators with ease. We were established in 2000 and are proud to be recognized as a ISO 9001:2015 Certified, ‘Made in California’ and ‘Women Owned’ business.  Many of our products are compliant with the “Buy America” provision of the American Reconstruction and Reinvestment Act (ARRA Section 1605) of 2009.

AVCO 9001:2015 Quality Policy:

Alloy Valves and Control is committed to meeting requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. AVCO’s mission is to design, manufacture and integrate superior products to better serve our customers’ demands and provide engineered solutions for some of the world’s harshest operating conditions in piping.

Additional Capabilities:

The product specifications, materials and options listed on this website are indicative of AVCO products and not exhaustive. Please contact AVCO for any material, end style or specification not listed as it is likely we have it covered. As a manufacturer, we can adapt our products to customer requirements and many of our products can be custom built to meet your piping installations