Agathon AG 

Agathon AG 

Gurzelenstrasse 1, 4512 Bellach, Switzerland

AboutAgathon AG 

Our business segments

The Agathon AG, with headquarters in Bellach, Switzerland, was founded in 1918 and is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of High-tech grinding machines for indexable inserts. 
Our second business division is the production and distribution of Standard parts for mechanical engineering, tool and mold construction.

An excellent customer service and a large network of representatives guarantee Agathon customers worldwide technical support, training and consulting for comprehensive business solutions.

Our promises to our customers

For Agathon customers

  • the leading edge is a claim (Leadership)
  • the future is the present (Curiosity)
  • extraordinary is obvious (Commitment)
  • involvement is the epitome (Appreciation)
  • said is done (Reliability)