ADM electronic GmbH

ADM electronic GmbH

Mühlweg 2, 82054 Sauerlach, Germany

AboutADM electronic GmbH

We have been developing and producing IT solutions for industry for over 25 years. Then when classic hardware no longer meets the requirements, we deliver IT products that you can rely on 24/7.

Thanks to our own development and production , we can respond 100% to your wishes and are happy to adapt the design to your corporate identity.

Our product portfolio includes industrial PCs, robust industrial monitors, stainless steel monitors and PCs for particularly hygienic environments, control panels, TFT-LCD monitors with / without touch screen as a replacement in industrial controls. Our ultra-bright LED displays for display in production halls are currently in demand.

Fast and customized

ADM electronic is your specialist for the rapid development of stainless steel PCs and control panels. We can fall back on 25 years of experience in industrial PC construction. With this know-how and the fact that we take care of your project 100%, we can deliver products that hardly anyone else can. Large companies in particular need an enormous amount of lead time, since their structures are not designed for speed but for large quantities.

Powerful development department

Just recently a large confectionery manufacturer approached us. Due to the pandemic, sales had risen sharply and new production capacities were to be built. We were able to deliver the first prototype only 3 months after the first conversation. This is how long it often takes large companies to meet for the first time.