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Data Configuration Management Overview

It is inevitable that the design of a power plant will change over time. Whether in the design, engineering, or operation phases, modifications, upgrades, and life-extensions are an ongoing part of plant maintenance and improvement.

When it comes to simulator development, the evolution of the physical plant must be mirrored in the design and operational arrangement of the simulator. After all, without a specific method of accounting for plant changes in the simulator, the training and licensing of nuclear plant operators is not valid. Likewise, tracking and accommodating simulator enhancements, modernization, user input to the simulator performance is critical to developing and managing a world-class simulator.

In order to address these pressing issues, WSC has developed 3KEYSAFE™. Designed to track code versions and simulator project-generated documents, 3KEYSAFE™ provides users with a comprehensive Configurations Management System (CMS). Leveraging the powerful visual features of the 3KEYMASTER™ environment and the strengths of commercial Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS), 3KEYSAFE™ gives you the efficient means of managing design data and configuration items necessary to effectively develop and maintain the simulator.

Software Configuration Management Overview

Configuration Management System (CMS) ensures that the evolution of the simulator software is controlled and consistent with various design specifications. Through tracking the tool versions used to develop the simulator, the CMS provides developers with the means to trace the artifacts produced by and used in the simulator.

Relationship between 3KEYSAFE™ and 3KEYMASTER™

CMS is used to capture all available data that could be used for simulator design. The 3KEYSAFE™ enabling features within 3KEYMASTER™ allow document references to be captured at the point of use. Then, automation features export this information into files that can be imported into the 3KEYSAFE™ repository, which typically deploys an RDBMS with pre-defined tables where this information is stored.

Various functions within 3KEYSAFE™, including the automated generation of simulation design specifications and reports, then allow for this information to be used for various Configuration Management functions, design reviews, audits, and decision-making.

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