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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Wizlogix Pte Ltd offers PCB solutions which includes local assembly of components by IPC-CIS 610 trained technical engineers to ensure overall quality of our assembled PCBs.

Our efficient vision-equipped and surface mounted machines can handle component placements from the largest PLCCs and QFPs with leading space of 10 mils to the smallest 0201 chip size. Our BGA stations can remove and mount components of 52x52 mm with a pitch of 0.5 mm.

We are also capable of handling 25 x 25 in boards.

PCB Assembly Capabilities:


  • Rigid , Flex, Rigid-Flex


  • Prototype, NPI, HMLV volume build


  • SMT IR Reflow (up to 9+2 zones)


  • SMT Vapor-Phase Soldering


  • Manual Hand-Soldering


  • Wave Soldering


  • Pick & Place 0201 case size


  • Lead(Pb)-Free Compliant


  • BGA Rework/Reballing


  • Stencil Laser Cut/E-Form


  • Automated Optical Inspection


  • Min BGA Pitch 0.4mm


  • Board Size 50x50 ~ 420x380mm


  • 2D X-Ray Imaging Inspection


  • Functional Circuit Testing (FCT)


  • Country of Manufacturer - Singapore, Malaysia, Korea

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