Multi Drop Modems

Westermo has multi drop modems both for private and for leased lines. Both the Multi drop modems can be connected to serial devices with RS-232 or RS-422/485 interfaces.

The V.23 standard is the only multi drop leased line. This Multi drop leased line allows speed up to 1200 bit/s on two or four wire. Multi drop applications on private lines can have speeds up to 19 200 bit/s. The line quality and the number of drop points on the line depend on the Multi drop application speed. These Multi drop communication devices should be protected from the external disturbances. There are three variants of multi drop available:


  • TD- 23
  • TD-29
  • TD29P

Westermo multi drops are designed to satisfy industry's demands on reliability and functionality in environments with high levels of interference. Durability and long life is guaranteed in the company manufactured multi drops.

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