Media Converters

Westermo manufactures MCW-211 an industrial ethernet FX/TX media converters. The MCW-211 media converter converts data between ethernet 10/100 base-TX and 100 bases- FX. The media converters unit are easy to use and install caused by auto-negotiation of speed and duplex and auto-crossover and auto-polarity on 10 Mbit/s. The media converters are transparent for large frames (VLAN or QoS). It is also possible to set speed, duplex and flow control via DIP-switches in the media converters.  The FX side supports far-end-fault indication in media converters. A link fault from either side of the media converters shall be forwarded to the other side, link fault forwarding. Via DIP-switches in media converters it is possible to control if both sides or just one (either) side supports LFF. MCW-211 media converters have a wide DC power input range with polarity protection and redundant power from dual sources. With extended temperature range supported as standard the MCW-211 media converters are designed to be used the harshest environments.

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