UNITRO-Fleischmann fault reporting systems

UNITRO-Fleischmann fault reporting systems

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C3modem (analogue telephone connection)

Telemetering telephone dialer with 64 signal lines,

monitoring of the trunk line (adjustable),

voice output via telephone.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) speech synthesis,

DTMF acknowledgment .

6 connection profiles with

4 telephone numbers each adjustable.

For operation on C3 bus couplers

C3 series

Operating and display elements

  • Bright LEDs for status display

  • DIP switch for terminating the DIN rail bus


  • Via mini USB interface and software from Windows 7 Pro

  • Remote parameterizable via dial-up (analog modem) and software from Windows 7 Pro

  • Relevant- irrelevant, connection

  • profiles , monitoring of the trunk start, acknowledgment and message texts

  • Checking (listening to) the message texts via 3.5 mm² audio-OUT jack in the device

supply voltage

  • Over hat rail bus

Electrical Properties

  • 64 signaling lines, assignable via C3-IN or C3text , (possible parameters see C3text )

  • 64 assignable outputs to C3-OUT or C3text

  • Daily status message (heart beat) in conjunction with C3text

  • A C3 bus coupler (eg C3-FTX, C3-PLT ...) is required for operation

Mechanical properties

  • Compact plastic snap-on housing (polyamide) 22.5 x 99 x 113.5 mm with DIN rail bus

  • 3.5 mm² jack socket for audio OUT

  • RJ11 socket for analogue telephone connection


  • VDS protocol (iV)

  • GSM modem (iV)

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