UNITRO-Fleischmann fault reporting systems

UNITRO-Fleischmann fault reporting systems

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C3 LON bus coupler

C3 LON bus coupler


LON Bus FT-5000 Smart Transceiver for coupling max. 12x C3 I / O modules to the two-wire (twisted pair), 78kbps LON network.

With USB interface for parameterization


LON-Bus PL-3150 Power Line Smart Transceiver for the connection of max. 12x C3 I / O modules to the two-wire

(C-band 125-145kHz, 4.8kBit / s) LON network

(In conjunction with power coupler also

powerline transmission on the 230 / 400V network).

With USB interface for parameterization

C3 series

Operating and display elements

  • Bright LEDs for status display

  • DIP switch for terminating the DIN rail bus

  • Parameterization of the connectable C3 I / O modules

  • Programmable via mini USB interface and software from Windows 7 Pro

  • Eg quiescent / working current, response delay, etc. of the connected modules

supply voltage

  • 24V DC ± 10%

  • 230V AC via DIN rail power supply with supply via DIN rail bus

Mechanical properties

  • Compact plastic snap-on housing (polyamide) 22.5 x 99 x 113.5 mm with DIN rail bus

  • Plug-in screw terminal connection max. 2.5mm²

Extensions / option

  • Max. Total of 12x C3 I / O modules per Bus Coupler connectable (of which max. 2x C3 ana GT)

  • Operation as a substation on SISSYpro first-time notification system

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