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Industrial Electronics Repair and Maintenance

Industrial Electronics Repair and Maintenance

UNIS Group provides the industrial electronics repair and maintenance services to the customers. The process starts with registering the electronic part or repaired part into our computer system and the accompanying information is scanned.

We repair more than 41.000 electronic parts a year. Each electronic part is given a bar code to make it possible to track and trace the part inside of UNIS Group during the repair process. Our company charges fixed prices for repair on a ‘No Cure, No Pay’ basis.

After the electronic part has been received, the customer will receive a non-obligation quote within 24 hours. The electronic part will be stored in an ESD safe box until the quote has been approved.

If necessary, the part will be cleaned before being repaired. This is carried out in a cleaning machine filled with cleaning fluid. We use ultrasonic vibrations to remove dirt from the components.

To extend the lifespan of the components, it is essential to clean. In fact, cleaning may even resolve the defect. After the electronic part has been rinsed in demineralised water, it will be placed in a drying cabinet. Then, the part will be sent to the appropriate department to be repaired.

Repair procedures are not just limited to replace defective components. UNIS Group also replaces components on a preventive basis. We have more than 35.000 different components in stock. Each department has test configurations at its disposal that can be used to test most electronic parts.

After being repaired, the electronic part will be tested in operation at full power if necessary. Extensive test facilities are available for testing various brands, types and series. UNIS Group has more than 250 test systems for PLCs of different brands.

Beside electronics, UNIS Group has a repair center for electronic servo motors. The repair center is specialized in the repair of servo motors of various brands and types.

We start with cleaning the outside of the motor. The defect is analyzed by testing the torque and testing the power. The motor is disassembled and the rotor is pulled out of the housing with our in-house developed extractor. Cleaning the inside and replacing the bearing is standard within the basic repair price.

Additionally, we refurbish shafts, balance rotors, repair brakes, magnetize, and take care of rewinding. After the motor has been repaired, it is thoroughly tested. Once the test of the repaired item has been successfully completed, the part will be carefully packed and shipped to the customer.

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