UNIS Group

UNIS Group

Jister 21, 9001 XX Grou, The Netherlands

AboutUNIS Group

UNIS Group aims to promote continuity of industrial production processes. Since our start in 1984, we have ensured that our customers can make use of existing systems for as long as possible. We focus on the continuity of your current production processes and on extending the life of existing electronic modules.

We serve local customers and markets from our head office in Grou (Netherlands) and our specialized subsidiaries in Europe, South America and Asia. This geographical spread, combined with our many years of knowledge and experience, allows us to support customers across national borders.

Worldwide, specialized and sustainable

We offer specialist services to monitor the condition and risks of your systems and provide insight into the stock and availability of spare parts for your installed electronic modules. By taking care of repairs, we reduce downtime of production processes in the most sustainable way possible. We have thus become one of the largest service providers in the field of industrial electronics.

Reliable and extensive stock

Our extensive inventory ensures your machines will be operational again with minimum delay. We have over 150,000 tested modules in stock, including new, used and end-of-life components.

We proudly present our online web shop

You can order all the new, refurbished and end-of-life electronics your company needs - directly in our web shop. You can also request a repair online. Just search the product in our online database and submit your request.

Brand independent service

No matter what industrial electronics you have, we will help you. We service many brands, modules and series, including customer-specific electronics or electronics that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. You can be sure that we can also minimize the risk of downtime for your industrial electronics.

Circular economy

You can also hand in your defective electronics and parts to us. We reuse the materialsas much as possible and recycle the parts that are no longer usable in a responsibleway. Thus, we contribute to a circular industry because we give new life to outdated orfaulty electronics and reuse them again in the production process.

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