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2-3-5-6 Component Cast Elastomer Polyurethane Machines _MDI-TDI

2-3-5-6 Component Cast Elastomer Polyurethane Machines _MDI-TDI

2/3/5/6 Component Cast Elastomer Polyurethane Machines (MDI/TDI)

The Extensive Series MMD systems offers industry-leading features to improve the productivity of Cast PU processes by multi-fold. The system is designed to easily integrate multiple components (pigments, additives etc.) through direct injection. The Extensive range systems are suitable for cast PU component manufacturing with high-volume or high-flow rate methods. The Extensive Series systems offer unparalleled performance across a variety of processes, materials and components.


Saves space

with highly compact design, flexible layout for material preparation & vacuum chamber.

Simultaneous bubble free

vacuum casting for up to 3 HV & LV Cores in DTT.

Accurate mixing ratio

and near zero material wastage.

Fully automated casting

saves labor, handling costs and investments in related equipment.

Key Machine Features

Modular designStainless steel tanksElectrical heatingRaw material recirculationStirrers to prevent material sedimentationPigment/additive direct injection line (optional)Observation glass on tanks

Controller Features

Set and Monitor temperatures, pump ratio, pressures, flow ratesProduction and operation data storageCalibration cycleAlarms for cycle completionOperator faults and alerts

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