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Adhesive Dispensing and Fluid Filling in Electric Vehicles

Adhesive Dispensing and Fluid Filling in Electric Vehicles

Adhesive Dispensing and Fluid Filling in Electric Vehicles

Full-range of Solutions for Electric Vehicles

The range of electronic controls in an automotive is increasing rapidly. With the Electric Vehicles the scope only expands further. Twin Engineers is a technology partner to several of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. As these companies begin their endeavour to switch to the Electric Vehicles. Twin Engineers continues to be valuable partner to enable this change.Simultaneously, Twin Engineers is also engaged with several niche parts and vehicle manufacturers who are setting new waves in the fast evolving EV technology spectrum.

Our Advantages

Machines for R&D to production line automation

Whether you are experimenting and testing a process at lab-scale or have perfected it for full-scale, we have got the right machine for you.

Advanced and flexible systems

With Industry 4.0 ready machines, easy integration with advanced robotic dispensing and modular designs, Twin’s solutions for EVs come with advanced features and high flexibility for your evolving needs.


Twin Engineers is one of the few companies globally, to offer dispensing technology across mixing, sealing and filling processes for adhesives, sealants and EV fluids. It means a one-stop-solution no matter what is the process.

Proven technology in EVs

From understanding the chemistry of adhesives and sealants to filling of specialised fluids, Twin Engineers has proven technology for multiple processes in Evs

Twin with leading material manufacturers

As performance requirements are unique, specialist sealant and adhesives are being developed. Twin’s team works closely with 35+ material manufacturers to develop advanced dispensing technology for the specialised materials in EVs.

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