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High Voltage Resistors

High Voltage Resistors

Designing with High Voltage Resistors

Reliable and compact high voltage resistors are essential for a wide range of products from defibrillators to electrostatic paint spray equipment. TT Electronics has extensive expertise in this area and a wide range of products.

Thick-film technology is often used in this area because it allows the fabrication of very high values, and is able to withstand high voltage gradients. It may be configured by design to give low inductance and good linearity across a wide voltage range. A chip or planar high voltage resistor is ideal for compact designs, whilst for voltages above about 30kV, the curved surface of a cylindrical format is often preferred.

High voltage dividers are ideal for voltage scaling before measurement or ADC. The voltage divider has a defined ratio tolerance and tracking TCR, which improves circuit accuracy.

HVD seriesHVD series

High voltage divider
Voltage ratings up to 30kV
Non-inductive design
Ratio tolerance down to 0.25%
TCR tracking down to 25ppm/°C
VCR down to -0.15ppm/V
Custom design service available

RHVD seriesRHVD series

Robust high voltage divider
DIL terminations for good vibration

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Application Note

As pioneers and experts in thick film technology, TT Electronics has a long heritage in high voltage design. Product development continues to give improvements in voltage rating, precision and stability, and custom specific formats.

HVP series
HVP series
Planar high voltage resistorsHVC series
HVC series
SMD chip high voltage resistorsT40 series
T40 series
Modular ultra-high voltage resistors

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