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Current Sense Resistors

Current Sense Resistors

Designing with Current Sense Resistors

Current sense resistors or shunts are low value parts used to convert current to a small, proportional voltage with the minimum of power loss. TT Electronics has an extensive portfolio of current sense resistors with values extending below 1mΩ and rated at currents over 100A. For best accuracy these products should be connected by four connections, two for the current path and two for voltage sense, and four terminal types facilitate this.

Two main technologies are used for current sense resistors. Thick film on ceramic is used for lower current ranges up to a few 10s of amps and offers very low temperature rise and compact, standard chip sizes. Metal element, like OARS and LRMAP series, gives lower values, lower TCR and better surge performance. It can also be scaled up to large, off-PCB shunts, like EBW.


High 5W rating in SMD format
Values down to 0.2mΩ
Welded metal strip construction
High surge energy
Tolerance 1%
TCR 50ppm/°C
AEC-Q200 qualified


Resistance range 0.5mΩ to 300mΩ
High temperature to 170°C
Low thermal EMF version
AEC-Q200 qualified

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Application Note

With one of the largest current sense resistor portfolios in the industry, TT Electronics is well placed to help you select the right part for your design. For large, off-PCB current shunt resistors it is often possible to create a custom solution to fit the mechanical requirements as well as the electrical specifications of your design.

EBW series

EBW Series
Electron beam welded current shunt resistorOARS series
OARS Series
SMD metal element current sense resistor with flexible terminationsLRF3W series
LRF3W series
Low value 3W 2512 size, inverse format current sense chip

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