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High Stability Resistors

High Stability Resistors

Designing with High Stability Resistors

High stability reistorsWIN series thin film chip resistors use an advanced metal film technology to provide high levels of reliability and stability for precision resistor applications. The water insoluble nitride film avoids the moisture vulnerability problems of nichrome and passivated nichrome technologies. WIN series delivers very low and predictable life drift and high reliability even under conditions of high humidity and in the event of damage to the component coating layer. This is due to its ability to self-passivate by forming a very thin, highly stable oxide layer.

Available in 0603, 0805 and 1206 sizes at 0.1W, 0.25W and 0.33W respectively, the series offers resistance values from 10R to 1M0 with a tolerance of ±0.1% and TCR of ±25ppm/°C.

WIN series

Inherent moisture protection superior to that of passivated nichrome chip resistors
High stability resistors for humid and polluted environments
Typical 85°C 85% biased humidity 2000 hour stability <0.1%
Typical moisture resistance stability ±100ppm
Precision resistors ±0.1% tolerance and ±25ppm/°C TCR
Anti-sulfur resistor terminations

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Precision resistor networks and precision resistor dividers offer the best accuracy and long term stability for circuits reliant on the ratio between two or more resistor values. As the precision resistor elements are fabricated on the same ceramic or silicon substrate, they can be made with a tight initial ratio tolerance of ±100ppm. We know that for many designers, though, the critical factor is stability with temperature and time, so our networks offer a tracking TCR of ±1ppm/°C, and long term ratio stability better than ±50ppm.

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