Embedded ARM CPU Module

Embedded Modules (ARM) offer 100% design freedom, as all processor functions are accessible through the system connector. The company extends service from full design to software support guaranteeing fast time-to-market.

The TQMa28 Minimodule is based on the i.MX28 processor that offers a balanced ratio of computing and graphic performance. ARM926 core with up to 450 MHz is the basis for this module and its realized memory provides best system support. TQMa28 Minimodule is best suited for smart metering and for easy visualization text and control applications. A large number of interfaces and module functions are implemented in the CPU due to the high level of interface and function integration that allows us develop basic board easily and at low-cost.

The Minimodule TQMa6x is based on the processor i.MX6 from Freescale, which combines industry and multimedia. The integrated graphic controller supports displays with a resolution up to UXGA. Therefore the module is best suited for HMI and animated display screen and accordingly multi touch applications. With an ARM Cortex™ A9 core and a clock rate up to 4 x 1, 2 GHz the TQMa6x provides a balanced ratio between performance and power dissipation.

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