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TQ Group, founded in the year 1994 by Detlef Schneider and Rüdiger Stahl got its first ISO9001 certification in the same year. The company has been innovating and re-inventing technology supporting different industries like automotive, drive technology, energy, building automation, industrial automation, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, transportation, etc.

Embedded PC, Embedded Modules, Embedded Systems, Embedded Platforms, Drive systems, Smart Metering, Spectrometer, Wireless video are the products from TQ Group that serve different industries catering to the requirements.

TQ Group's manufacturing areas (SMD, THT) are fitted with the latest and most advanced machinery to manufacture modules on par with the changing industry standards and technical requirements. TQ Group's seven production sites are flexible and capable of relocating as per production orders and demand to ensure high quality.

Leading E²MS provider (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services)

As a Leading E²MS provider, TQ offers a complete range of services from development to production and service all through the product life cycle management. As an electronics service provider (E²MS supplier and CEM), the company provides services like assemblies, equipment and systems including hardware, software and mechanics. All services can be availed by customers on a modular basis individually or as a complete package based on their requirement.

Whether hardware, software, layout or mechanics - TQ Group, as system service provider / E²MS (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services) supports the project right from the inception with a development team of 150 persons approximately. Their expertise is backed with extensive years of experience and knowledge in various branches.