Tecnofluid Engineering SrL

Tecnofluid Engineering SrL

Hydraulic Power Locking Unit

The purpose of these unites is to avoid the machine overload during functioning. It improves the machine lifetime and enhances the safety standard of the production. The system consists of a hydro pneumatic power unit that is provided with distribution blocks (different versions available, according to machine specifications). Hydraulic safety units for presses can be used for all hydraulic applications requiring constant flow-rate, because it can produce a pulsing hydraulic flow. In addition to its extremely reduced overall dimensions, Hydraulic safety units for presses system can maintain the internal pressure of the connected hydraulic devices without using electric motors, because the power unit is equipped with a pneumatic engine. The modular design of this device makes it possible to increase the number of the independently-controlled device, up to a maximum of six. The hydraulic distributors available on these power units are fit for controlling single-acting hydraulic systems; if you wish to control a double-acting system, use also two distributor blocks for every single device or 4-way control blocks. These power units are available in five versions that differ by the maximum pressure which can be reached.

Furthermore Hydraulic safety units for presses are available with Nylon or painted aluminum tank. Owing to their peculiar structural characteristics, these power units can be used also under heavy environmental conditions, in the presence of dust, vapours, chips etc.

Pressure: from 30 to 450 bars

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