Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders meet the demand for small-sized pressing devices delivering considerable pushing force. Due to their small overall dimensions (their main characteristic), according to the model, these cylinders can be used to lock small, medium or large-sized pieces. Hydraulic cylinders can also be used for riveting, bending, marking or assembly works. They are manufactured in two versions (simple or double-acting), with a threaded external body and a smooth or tapped through hole, according to the model. Hydraulic cylinders can be secured (according to their model) using the thread available on the body, through the tapped holes on the body (flanged connection) or the through holes on the body. The hydraulic cylinders by Tecnofluid meet the strictest reliability requirements, also under heavy duty, whenever precise pushes and considerable work loads are required.

Sizes: bores from Ø20 to Ø100 - stroke from 20 to 50

Speed regulators and hydro-pneumatic cylinders complete our range of hydraulic actuators.

Sizes: bores from Ø50 to Ø63 - stroke from 50 to 500

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