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Siepe GmbH

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Bung and lid barrels

Bung and lid barrels


  • sheet steel

Nominal volume:

  • 210 to 225 liters


  • Longitudinal seam welded
  • ground and top folded
  • Coat with 2 roll beads or negative beads on request additional large beads in the upper and lower middle third
  • Closures G2 and G3 / 4 in the upper shelf
  • Closure G2 in the jacket possible

Lidded bowl version:

  • Standard version Container- oriented design, ie pulled in at the top
  • Longitudinal seam welded, bottom folded
  • Lid with foam rubber or PU seal Galvanized clamping ring with outer lever lock
  • Sheath with 2 roll beads, negative beads or smooth walled on request additional multi-beads in the upper and lower quarter thirds
  • Closures G2 and G3 / 4 in the cover or G2 in the jacket possible

Surface protection / lacquer finish : on the inside raw or stove-enamelled outside single or multi-colored stove enamelled galvanized lids and shelves on request

Design variants:

  • screen printing 
  • inliner

On request also high quality printed with multicolored decors. For exact dimensions, please refer to the following PDF datasheet.

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