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Hüttenstraße 185, 50170 Kerpen-Sindorf.

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140-year company anniversary We can look back on 140 years of family-owned business 140 years are of course only a very short time in world history - but as a company's history in today's fast-paced world, a remarkable period of time. Following the motto "And not a bit quiet", we invited our employees and former employees at the Sindor site to a big party on the company premises in Hüttenstraße to celebrate the company's 140th anniversary. "We are still an audible size in the packaging industry", proudly states Josef Siepe, Managing Director of the 5th generation of the family business. Matching our existing 875 ml tube, there is now also a 500 ml version with 38/400 thread. Perfect for sauces and dressings, but also for technical or cosmetic applications! Available with different standard closures.


Industry 4.0 means digitization in development and production processes.

We reacted and founded the company Fabrica3D in 2014 under the umbrella of Siepe GmbH.

We accompany our customers from product design to optimized development in all production phases. Of course, 3D design, visualization and the creation of prototypes are part of our service. The highly specialized team of Fabrica GmbH round off the range of services of Siepe GmbH and make us a specialist in the packaging industry!

  • we support you in the development of your product idea from the beginning
  • maximum optimization of the products before the series production
  • development of product groups
  • over 135 years of experience through tradition and innovation


Here are our options: Plastic lid container

Our transport partners have been confronted with an extreme shortage of cargo space since spring, which leads to bottlenecks, delays and price increases.

The reasons given include increased exports, a shortage of skilled workers for truck drivers and statutory new regulations on regular rest periods.

This must no longer be kept in the vehicle, but must now take place in places with sleeping facilities.

The Eastern European freight forwarders, in particular, are already planning their trucks on their way home on Thursdays, which means that there is no need for a full day's transport - with the need for a high load space.

We have taken the measures we can take internally to deal with the new situation, but we feel it is our duty to point out that we will not be able to cope with the further impact of transport costs and deadlines without the help of our customers.

We ask for close coordination and timely disposition of your articles - we will inform you about necessary adjustments to our conditions as soon as we become better informed.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a continued good cooperation!

Employee Production Planning and Control, Work Preparation Full time.