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Liquid Flow Meter SLS-1500

Liquid Flow Meter SLS-1500


Featuring Sensirion’s innovative sensor technology in a robust and compact housing, the SLS-1500 offers a versatile sensing solution for applications in demanding industrial environments and laboratory settings. Sensirion’s modular approach, which allows the liquid flow meter to be combined with several interface cables, ensures an optimal match and simplifies the integration of a liquid flow meter into a fluidic system.

Capable of fast and precise measurements for flow rates of up to 40 ml/min, the SLS 1500 enables close process monitoring. With a typical response time of 20 ms, it measures highly dynamic dispensing processes quickly and reliably. The flow channel inside the liquid flow meter is completely straight, open and has no moving parts. Inert, wetted materials (904L high-performance stainless steel, PEEK, and PTFE) provide outstanding chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility.

The SLS-1500 flow meter in combination with one of the SCC1 sensor cables offers a modular solution with a suitable electrical interface for almost any environment:

The SCC1-USB sensor cable provides a plug-and-play connection to a PC for operation with Sensirion’s viewer software or user-built programs for laboratory and desktop applications.

The SCC1-RS485 sensor cable featuring a stable RS485 interface and including advanced functionality such as dispense volume totalizer, automatic dispense detection, and data buffer for asynchronous read-out is designed for demanding industrial automation environments.

The SCC1-Analog sensor cable allows simple and quick readings or integration into generic controller systems without programming. In addition to a 0-10 V analog voltage output, the cable provides a configurable digital (high/low) output that can be programmed to act as a flow switch or pulse output.

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