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Pneumatic manipulators with gripping tools

Pneumatic manipulators with gripping tools

PN series manipulators are traditional industrial manipulators featuring pneumatic control and drive.

All manipulators in the PN Series can be designed in accordance with ATEX regulations as per EU Directives 2014/34 regarding applications in controlled environments with danger of explosion, classified classes 1 and 2 (Gas) (only for PN Flex) and 21 and 22 – Dust (for all PN series models).

Main features of our pnuematicmanipulators:


Continuous product development using standard modules and components for improved safety and efficiency.


Equipped with safety devices that maintain the grip on the load, even in the event of a total air loss.

It is not possible to release the load when it is fully supported by the machine. When the control handle is released, a full set of brakes lock the machine and prevent further movement

• Versatile

It can be equipped with a wide range of bespoke tools operated pneumatically by grip or vacuum. Simple mechanical tools can also be used.


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