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Nitride Compounds, Powder-Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Powder

Nitride Compounds, Powder-Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Powder


Zirconium nitride comes in various forms. It is hard ceramic material similar to titanium nitride and is a cement like refractory material. Single phase, high purity, irregular particles.

Chemical Name: Zirconium nitride

Chemical Formula: ZrN


zirconium(III) nitride, ZrN, zirconium nitride, zirconium nitride pieces, zirconium nitride powder, CAS# 25658-42-8

Chemical Properties

Zr + Hf= 86.7% to 99.5%

Physical Properties

Various granulations (powder, pieces and targets) are available

Typical Applications

When applied using the PVD coating process it is commonly used for coating medical devices, industrial parts, automotive and aerospace components and other parts subject to high wear and corrosive environments. It is also used in refractories, cermets and laboratory crucibles.

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